More Jabber from Abbott


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has a constructive policy for Team Australia:

‘As a father, I want parents to have the confidence they can take their children to childcare, without the fear they will be at risk of contracting a serious illness. […] Today I am pleased to announce the government will be introducing a new “no jab, no play and no pay” policy for childcare support.’

Excellent initiative, though the ‘As a father’ preface seems a little curious. Abbott’s daughters are not attending childcare, nor is he a proud grandfather yet. So how is his paternal status relevant to the vaccination debate?

It’s not.

What it is though, is a cheeky rhetorical flourish, coloured with subtle brush strokes of paternalism. All very insincere of course, but devastatingly convincing: like his pet ‘work for the dole’ scheme, the jingoistic ‘standing green army,’ and the dubious ‘life-style choices.’

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our great Labor leader Bill ‘Beaconsfield’ Shorten, seems to be in a deep slumber. Hopefully he’ll wake up and surprise us all with something interesting and original.

Amidst all the bluster and bluff though, that tantalising prospect is increasingly unlikely. ✏️

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