No News is Good News


Or so they say…

From early 2017, some existing and future posts will become available for private viewing only. For a small donation you will be able to access this password protected content, which will help cover the annual fee WordPress charges me for using my own domain name, as well as the cost of keeping the site advertisement free.

In the months ahead I will continue discoursing on the people, places and things that provoke my curiosity. I’m currently writing a long-form piece on the notorious 2014 Rozelle Fire, and working on a shorter essay about a recent visit with my daughter to Leura that tells the story of a curious artefact we discovered there. Forthcoming too, there’s a really interesting piece on walking, cycling and driving in the inner-city, written from the standpoint of my own personal experiences.

I’m also looking forward to publishing stuff that focuses on my research interests in society, culture and biography. These efforts will have a theoretical edge, though I’m aiming to make them as readable and engaging as possible. For now though, I’m off for a bike ride! 🚴

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