Work in Progress

IT’S STRANGE working on a book idea you’ve no idea will ever see the light of day. The question I’ve continuously asked myself as I’ve been writing it over the last couple of months is does Sydney need a book on cycling by someone who rides a bicycle? I think the answer is it absolutely does. Sydney is a sick man. It needs to get off its proverbial and get real. I’m a staunch advocate for more bums in saddles than on seats, and this book is an expression of that.

The follow up question is, what should that book look like? The answer is I have no idea. But the one I’m writing is personal and opinionated. It contains short daily diary entries in the first month of winter. Each entry features a theme, an observation and a concluding statement on the advantage or disadvantage of cycling versus driving. I’m not sure if the format works or if the words sing on the page. But as a friend of mine fondly reminds me whenever I voice my doubts about this endeavour: ‘It is what it is.’ You can’t argue with that! ✏️

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