Ants in the Apartment

Part 1

HE used to be alone
Until, one day
We came along.

We are here
When he wakes up
We are here
When he goes to bed.

Always busy
We’re never still
We crawl efficiently
Across the apartment floor.

In search of food
Our life’s reason
We go this way
We go that way

We have no beginning
We have no end
We are everywhere
We are diffuse.

He’s bored of us
He wants us to go
But we’re quite happy
With our new home.

Part 2

ONE part borax
Three parts sugar
They won’t know the difference
When I lay my deathly trap.

I’m tired of the floor moving
Morning and night
I want them to go
I wish they would leave.

Is it right to stop
Things that move
Of their own accord
Just because they’re infinitesimally small?

It’s raining again
It’s always raining
I want the rain to stop.
Oh how I wish the rain would stop. ✏️

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